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LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

The LCP Chemicals Superfund Site is located between the Turtle River and New Jesup Highway, just northwest of the Brunswick city limits. The northern boundary of the site runs along Blythe Island Highway and the southern boundary meets with the property line of the active Georgia Pacific Pulp and Paper Mill. 

The 813-acre site has a long history of industrial activity from the 1920s through 1994, including an oil refinery, coal-fired power plant, and both chemical and paint/varnish manufacturing plants (see the timeline below). Past activities contaminated soil, groundwater, and adjacent surface waters and marshlands until operations ceased in 1994. 


These industries polluted the site with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), mercury, lead, dioxins, and cancer-causing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (cPAHs). Large amounts of contaminants are still present at the site and remediation efforts are ongoing. Due to the complexity and size of the site, the cleanup is being managed in three parts, referred to as Operable Units by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA): Operable Unit 1 - the estuary and salt marsh; Operable Unit 2 - the cell buildings area and groundwater; and, Operable Unit 3 - the upland soils and sediments where industrial activities took place. Each of these Operable Units has its own documents and schedule of remediation activities.

Links concerning the LCP Chemicals Superfund Site:

May 2020 - Technical Assistance Report: Subsurface Contamination Defined at LCP
Chemicals Superfund Site

October 2019 - Technical Memorandum: Technical Advisor Review of U.S. EPA’s Superfund Proposed Plan, LCP Chemicals Georgia Superfund Site, Operable Unit 3 – Upland Soil

October 2019: EPA Releases Proposed Plan for Upland Soil at LCP Chemicals Site

March 2018: EPA Releases Remedial Design Work Plan

June 2017: EPA Releases Unopposed Motion to Enter Consent Decree and Response to Comments on Marsh

September 6, 2016: GEC Comments on the LCP Marsh Consent Decree

August 2016: Consent Decree and Statement of Work for LCP Chemicals Site Marsh

November 2015: Record of Decision and Response to Comments

March 2015: Technical Advisor's Comments on Proposed Plan

March 2015: GEC's Comments on Proposed Plan

February 2015: Site Boundaries Correct?

February 2015: Using New Cleanup Methods

February 2015: Fish Consumption

January 2015: Estuary Proposed Plan

December 2014: Proposed Plan Overview

November 2014: Estuary Proposed Plan Overview

November 2014: EPA Proposed Plan Summary

September 3, 2014: PCBs in People

How PCBs Hurt People

How Our Kids' IQ Are Hurt

September 2014: CO2 Groundwater Treatment Results

Does CO2 Treatment Form New Chemicals? Dr. DeFur Response October 2014

August 2013: Estuary and Upland Cleanup and Containment Options

March 2014: National Remedy Review Board Response

November 2013: Estuary Comments to the EPA

March 2013: Estuary Comments to the EPA

July 2013: Upland Comments to the EPA

June 2013 - Treatment of Groundwater with CO2 Proposed

May 2013 - LCP CO2 Sparging Groundwater treatment Comments

January 2013 - Risks to Humans and Wildlife - LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

September 2010 - Overview of the Public Health Assessment

August 2010 - LCP Chemicals Site Risk Assessments and Brine Pool

July 2009 - LCP Chemicals Site Brine Pool and Uplands Update

July 2009 - Questions & Answers - Health Risks and Brine Pool

July 2009 - Superfund Site Update, LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

Technical Assistance Update, July 2008

LCP Chemicals Upland Feasibility Plan, August, 2007

LCP Legal Case and How It Affected the GEC, February, 2007

Meeting about removal of caustic brine and mercury, October 18, 2006

Community action needed to save water, Sept. 29, 2006

LCP plume of contamination is growing, Sept. 13, 2006

LCP Site Groundwater Monitoring Shows Plume Movements, June 2006

Plant Site May Receive Rehabilitation, June 7, 2006

Caustic Brine and Chemicals Enter Drinking Water Aquifer at LCP Site, April 2006

Residents Seek Aid on Pollution, March 29, 2006

LCP Chemicals Site Mercury/Caustic Brine Pool Receiving EPA Attention, June 23, 2005

LCP Chemicals Superfund Site ARCO Neighborhood Soil Sampling Results, June 2005

Study finds lead in Arco, June 22, 2005

LCP Still Leaking Mercury Into Drinking Water - No Action from EPA, April 2005

Arco Neighborhood Sampling Results Withheld by EPA, April 2005

Arco Neighborhood Sampled -Results Expected in February 2005

- ARCO Neighborhood Testing Plan Revised, September 2004

- GEC Comments on Arco Sampling Plan, June 2004

- LCP Chemicals ARCO Neighborhood Testing Plan, May 2004

- Arco Community Meeting - Sampling Plan for LCP  Site Contamination, Saturday, May 22, 2004, 10:00 AM

LCP Marsh Seeps Phytoremediation review, October 2003

Broken Promises by the EPA has left the Arco Neighborhood untested:

     - EPA Again Urged to Study Cleanup Site, Agency Promises Thorough Testing, Sept. 4, 2003

     - Arco Danger is Unclear, Sept. 4, 2003 

LCP Chemicals Site Neighborhood Testing Review, June 2003

LCP Chemicals Marshlands Feasibility Studies, April 2002

LCP Chemicals Site Baseline Risk Assessment, January 2002

Ex-LCP Officials Sentenced, January 31, 2001

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