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Support Senate Bill 384 to protect the Satilla River from proposed and future landfills. 



In 2016, Brantley County Development Partners, LLC submitted an application to Georgia's Environmental Protection Division (EPD) to build a landfill in Waynesville adjacent to US 82. Since then, the community has voiced strong opposition to this project due to environmental concerns and health concerns. 

Sen. William Ligon introduced SB 384 that will prohibit any new landfills within 3 miles of the Satilla River. This bill would protect the river and nearby communities. This bill passed the Senate on March 12th, and now must be passed by the House and signed into law.

What is the action currently taking place?

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division announced its intent to renew the Hazardous Waste Facility Permit issued to Hercules LLC. and Pinova Inc. This is a permit that Hercules and Pinova are required to hold by the Georgia Hazardous Waste Management Act.

Our concerns with the draft permit:

  • How does the Georgia Environmental Protection Division plan to enforce this permit and ensure the cleanup is completed in an efficient manner?

  • How is the Georgia Environmental Protection Division going to ensure that the health of the residents of the Terry Creek Community is not impacted by the encroaching groundwater contamination?

  • What efforts will be facilitated to keep our community informed of the ongoing cleanup and what actions are being taken to remove contamination from the soils and groundwater on the site?

The Georgia Environmental Protection Division is accepting comments until April 30, 2020. Individual citizens can submit comments by:


Jim Brown, Program Manager

DNR-Environmental Protection Division


Subject: LCP Chemicals Proposed NRDA Settlement Agreement

US Mail

Jim Brown, Program Manager

DNR-Environmental Protection Division

2 Martin Luther King Jr. Drive, Suite 1054

Atlanta, GA 30334

Guidelines to follow while commenting:

  • Be sure to introduce yourself, please include First and Last Name, Residential Mailing address.

  • Comments should be personalized, consider including:

    • Individual statements of interest, for example, stating why you believe our environment needs to be cared for or 'this is important to me because.' 

    • Explain how you have been personally affected by the industrial activities at this site.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance in drafting, printing, mailing, or emailing your comments!! We are here to help share your voice in this vital public participation opportunity!


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Additional Information

The Glynn Environmental Coalition is a long time member of Georgia Water Coalition, whose mission is to protect and care for Georgia’s surface water and groundwater resources. Protect Georgia is a platform created by the Georgia Water Coalition to promote engagement by citizens who want to take action to protect statewide water resources. Through this platform, you will receive important emails containing action steps about 4-5 times a year (sometimes more if needed, but still relatively infrequently if you are worried about too many emails). 



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