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Our Activities, Causes, and Campaigns

The Glynn Environmental Coalition is a community nonprofit organization committed to assuring a clean environment and healthy economy for citizens of Coastal Georgia as well as a safe and healthy place to live and raise our families.


We are called to act, whether serving you through ongoing activities, an organizational cause or long-term campaign, we are your advocates for environmental health. 


We do this through a broad range of activities in Community Organizing, Environmental Justice, Water and Air Quality, Education, Public Hearings and Lobby Efforts, EPA Technical Assistance and Superfund Site Cleanups.


We work to preserve your right to information and input into decisions that affect lives of people and wildlife in Coastal Georgia.


The Glynn Environmental Coalitions's advocacy has expanded into governmental oversight and environmental justice. Our activities, causes, and campaigns empower Glynn County citizens and others who love our home and care enough to act on its behalf.


We are here working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for you, your neighbor, and everyone else in our community to ensure a healthier present and more prominent future for the environmental health of Glynn County and the Georgia Coast.


We invite your inquiry into anything we do - please feel free to contact us. Better yet, volunteer or join our community of annual supporters and help us facilitate our mission of assuring a clean environment and healthy economy for the citizens of Coastal Georgia. 

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