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Safe Seafood for Glynn County

As Glynn County is a fishing community, guidelines for the safe consumption of our oceans’ harvest are in the public health interest of everyone. Knowledge of safe harvestable species and locations of safe harvesting areas is essential to the health of our families and the maintenance of a healthy commercial fishing industry.  Since 1998, the Glynn Environmental Coalition has served as a resource for providing this vital information to our community. See all the resources distributed by this program below.


Goal: Raise awareness for the seafood consumption advisories in Glynn County and mitigate health risks, especially for women and children, associated over-consumption of contaminated seafood.

Educational Resources

Seafood Consumption Advisory Brochure - English

Glynn County Advisory Area for fish you catch and eat.


Folleto Asesor de Consumo de Mariscos - Español

Área de Advertencia del Condado Glynn para los Pescados que se Capturan y se Comen.


A Woman's Guide To Eating Fish And Seafood Trom Coastal Georgia - English

What you should know if you are pregnant, planning to be pregnant or nursing a child.


Una Guía Para Las Mujeres Que Comen Pescados Y Mariscos Del Costero De Georgia - Español

Lo que Ud. debe de saber si Ud. esta embarazada, en edad de tener hijos, o amamanta un niño.


Mercury Testing: Curious about the amount of mercury in your body? - English

 The University of Georgia Marine Extension Service offers a simple, affordable, and EPA-approved method for testing mercury levels in hair for women of childbearing age.


Evaluación de Mercurio: Le gustaría conocer la cantidad de mercurio en su cuerpo? - Español

El servicio de Extensión Marino de la Universidad de Georgia ofrece un método aprobado por la US EPA para evaluar los niveles de mercurio en el cabello. 

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