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Water Quality Initiatives

The Glynn Environmental Coalition works to monitor, improve, and protect the quality of our fresh, salt, and brackish waters of Glynn County. This includes our shallow and deep water aquifers that are a source of drinking water for our community, and surface waters of our estuaries that sustain wildlife, provide sustenance for many members of our community and support our local industrial, commercial, and recreational economies.

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Join our community of citizen scientists working to monitor water quality throughout Glynn County and the Georgia Coast. 

The Glynn Environmental Coalition hosts bi-annual workshops to certify volunteers to monitor chemical and bacterial water quality. Once a volunteer is certified, they can sign out a water quality monitoring kit, and set up their own monitoring schedule at the site of their choosing. 


Goal: Collect baseline water quality data for Glynn County, detect impairments to water quality, promote restoration or remediation of water quality where necessary. 

Water Quality Monitoring Resources

Chemical Water Quality Monitoring

Workshop PowerPoint (PDF)

Adopt-A-Stream Workshop Webinar

Monitoring Datasheet (PDF)

Bacterial Water Quality Monitoring

Workshop PowerPoint (PDF)

Adopt-A-Stream Workshop Webinar

Monitoring Datasheet (PDF)

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