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Air Quality

Public health begins with clean air.


In the absence of clean air, the community suffers.


Advocating for improved air quality is a foundational objective for many GEC initiatives, including monitoring the compliance (or lack thereof) of local industries with federal, state, and local clean air standards.​


Reporting Air Quality Impairment In Glynn County Has Never Been Easier

An alternate method of filing your complaint is through a direct email to the Georgia Environmental Protection Division.


This process is slightly longer, but effective. 

  • Take detailed notes of the conditions: wind direction, temperature, narrative description of odor, along with any immediate health issues experienced (headaches, nausea, vomiting, coughing, difficulty breathing, etc.) before filing the complaint. Include date, time and approximate location where you experienced air quality impairment.​

  • Contact Brett Berry with the Georgia Environmental Protection Division

  • Include us in your email: This will allow us to continue to better advise residents and continue internal investigations.

  • If you chose, you can also copy our local state representatives (listed below) or City/County elected officials. 

*Note: If you prefer to remain anonymous​ call or email our office to let us help you file a complaint anonymously. ​


Want to do more?! Stay tuned as we continue to work

towards improved air quality in our community.

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