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Terry Creek Superfund Site

About the Site

From 1948 to 1980, the Hercules Brunswick pesticide production facility discharged their wastewater into Dupree Creek, which flows into Terry Creek. The wastewater contained toxaphene, a pesticide, which is still present in the outfall ditch sediments, Terry and Dupree Creek sediments, and dredge disposal areas. The site consists of three disposal areas and the Hercules Outfall Ditch.

Online Resources

April 2020 - Technical Memorandum: Review of Remedial Design and Remedial Action Plan for Operable Unit 1(Outfall Ditch)

June 2019 - TECH Talk: The Superfund Process, Risk Assessment, and Toxaphene Toxicity Assessment Workshop PowerPoint Slides

June 2019 - Technical Assistance Report: EPA Releases Peer-Reviewed Toxaphene Toxicity Assessment

September 2018 - Terry Creek Consent Decree Action Webinar

June 2018 - Technical Assistance Report: Terry Creek - Outfall Ditch Consent Decree

March 2018 - Technical Assistance Report: Toxaphene at Terry Creek

August 2017 - Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Interim Record of Decision

     - Complaint to the EPA Office of Inspector General - August 2, 2016

July 2015 – Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Proposed Plan Review

     - Comments on the Proposed Plan: September 2015   Technical Advisor and Glynn Environmental Coalition

June 24, 2015 - Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Proposed Plan Released by EPA

March 2014 - Terry Creek Investigation & Cleanup Options

      - Comments to EPA - March 2014

May 2013 - Terry Creek Site Investigation

May 2013 - Terry Creek Comments

Questions & Answers - Human Health Risks - July 2009

Technical Assistance Update, July 2008

Technical Assistance Update, November 2007

Public Health Assessment Questions Toxaphene Analysis Method, February 2003

    Review of the Terry Creek Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study Workplan, Sampling and Analysis Plan, and Quality Assurance Plan, September 2001

Site Summary and Technical Overview, Part I June, 1999

Toxaphene Technical Overview, Part 2 , June 1999

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