Technical Assistance and Superfund Sites

Glynn County is home to 4 of Georgia's 16 nationally designated hazardous waste sites (Superfund Sites) and 12 state-designated hazardous waste sites. The Glynn Environmental Coalition works to educate the public on the technical aspects of waste cleanup activities, assist the public in participating in the decision-making processes, and develop a unified community vision for the restoration and redevelopment of these blighted areas. Our community mobilization programs have resulted in public clean-ups at numerous sites, improving the health of our community.​

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LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

From the 1920's through 1994, various industries (i.e. oil refinery, electrical power, paint/varnish, and chlor-alkali chemical plant) used this site. Contaminants, including polychlorinated biphenyls, mercury, lead, dioxins, and cancer-causing hydrocarbons, are still present as runoff and are impacting the soil, groundwater, tidal marsh sediment, and marsh plants and animals.

June 2017: Technical Assistance Report

August 2016: Technical Assistance Report

November 2015: Technical Assistance Report

Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/ Hercules Outfall Site

From 1948 to 1980, the Hercules Brunswick pesticide production facility discharged their wastewater into Dupree Creek, which flows into Terry Creek. The wastewater contained toxaphene, a pesticide, which i still present in the outfall ditch sediments, Terry and Dupree Creek sediments, and dredge spoil disposal areas. The site consists of three disposal areas and the Hercules Outfall Ditch.

Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site

The Brunswick Wood Preserving Site housed wood treat-ment and preserving operations from 1958 to 1991. Regu-lar use of chemicals such as creosote, pentachlorophenol, and copper chromium arsenate contaminated the site’s groundwater and soil and requires long-term cleanup. Oth-er chemicals of concern include dense non-aqueous phase liquids and sediment chemicals such as naphthalene, ben-zene, and semi-volatile organic compounds. The cleanup is managed in two parts, 1) the Upland, or site-wide soils, sediments, and groundwater and 2) the ecological risks in Burnett Creek and other surface waters.

Hercules 009 Superfund Site

The Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site was created out of a "borrow pit" used to construct nearby Spur 25 highway. Manufacturing waste, called "sludge," was placed in the borrow pit. The sludge contained high concentrations of toxaphene pesticide and toxaphene-related chemicals. The landfill was closed in 1980 when toxaphene appeared in a nearby creek—a violation of Hercules, Inc. permit. Since then toxaphene has been found along the highway, in an adjacent neighborhood, and on unused school property near the landfill.

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