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Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site

About the Site

The Brunswick Wood Preserving Site housed wood treatment and preserving operations from 1958 to 1991. Regular use of chemicals such as creosote, pentachlorophenol, and copper chromium arsenate contaminated the site’s groundwater and soil and requires long-term cleanup. Other chemicals of concern include dense non-aqueous phase liquids and sediment chemicals such as naphthalene, benzene, and semi-volatile organic compounds. The cleanup is managed in two parts, 1) the Upland, or site-wide soils, sediments, and groundwater and 2) the ecological risks in Burnett Creek and other surface waters.

March 2018: EPA Releases Five-Year Review

January 2016 - EPA Releases the Explanation of Significant Difference Report for the Brunswick Wood Preserving Site

Health Consultation - Burnett Creek Seafood - August 2014

October 2013 - Contaminated Groundwater Spreads

     - Comments to the EPA - October 2013

     - Comments to EPA - September 2014

     - Comments - Site 5-Year Review - November 2012

     - Comments - Record of Decision for Burnett Creek - November 2012

     - Comments - Ecological Risk Assessment - November 2012

GEC Objection to the Record of Decision for Burnett Creek - October 2012

GEC Comments- Proposed Plan for Burnett Creek - September 2012

September 2012 - Groundwater and Burnett Creek Cleanup

February 2010 - Upland Remedy: Review of Work to Date

Technical Assistance Update, July 2008

Brunswick Wood Preserving Containment Scheduled for Start - An Overview of the Issues, April 2007

Residents in Glynn want EPA to come clean, April 5, 2007

Residents fretting over water quality, April 4, 2007

Residents Near Site Still Concerned, March 28, 2007

GEC Receives Inquiries about Properties Near Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site, February 2007

Brunswick Wood Preserving 2006 Groundwater Sampling Report, December 2006

Tainted Site Riles Nearby Residents, October 12, 2005

Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site Floods Floraville Neighborhood, October 2005

Brunswick Wood Preserving Remedial Design, December 2004

Ready, Set, STOP! Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site Cleanup, From the October 2004 EPA Update

Recent Brunswick Wood Preserving Studies Show Neighborhood Concern is Justified, December 2000

Human Health Assessment Shows Information Gaps, August 2000

Feasibility Study Options, December, 1999

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