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Superfund Sites & Clean-ups

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Safe Seafood
Glynn County Seafood Consumption Advisory


Saturday, June 24th, Green Screen, Ritz Theater, Newcastle Street, Brunswick. Show times:
11:30 am - Welcome and short films
12:15 pm - Break with light lunch and more networking with local environmental orgs
1:15 pm - Feature film presentation: How to Let Go of the World and Love All the Things Climate Can't Change  Appropriate for ages 10+ due to mild language.
There are opportunities for GEC members to participate at our table. Interested - call or email the GEC.

Saturday, June 24, 10:00 to 4:00, Rally for Cumberland, Howard Gilman Waterfront Park, St Marys. A coming together in support of Cumberland Island National Seashore - and raising our voices in opposition to rezoning that would allow the development of this fragile and precious Biosphere Reserve. * Free "Don't Develop Cumberland Island" t-shirts for the first 400 attendees, music, face-painting, information booths, food trucks * Hosted by Save Cumberland Island National Seashore. There are opportunities for GEC members to participate at our tent.  Interested - call or email the GEC.

Friday, July 7 - GEC 1st Friday Lunch, Olive Garden, 11 AM, Olive Garden Restaurant, 600 Glynn Isles, Brunswick. Jason Lee Nongame Conservation Section Program Manager with DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division is giving a presentation about Altama Plantation and the history of the 4,000-acre nature preserve outside Brunswick which opened to the public a year ago. He will also share information on its natural resources, what makes the property a biological gem, and what the property means for state wildlife goals.

Friday, August 4 - GEC 1st Friday Lunch, 11:15 AM, Olive Garden Restaurant, 600 Glynn Isles, Brunswick. Maegan Mack, GEC Safe Seafood Outreach, will be speaking about the Socio-Economic Decision-Making of Fishers in the Seafood Advisory Area. Maegan has been studying fisher psychology during outreach activities.


Our Activities, Causes & Campaigns


altRecent hearings and subsequent action on Superfund sites have included: LCP Chemicals Superfund Site; Hercules 009 Superfund Site; Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/ Hercules Outfall Site; and Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site. Our community mobilization programs have resulted in public clean-ups at numerous sites, improving the health of our community.

Below we include links to reports and updates of the most current developments regarding each site:

Annual Updates and Progress

July 2016 - Superfund Sites Updates
August 2015 - Superfund Sites Update
July 2014 - Superfund Sites Update
July 2013 - Superfund Sites Update
October 2012 - Seafood Contamination and Superfund Sites
July 2012 - Superfund Sites Update
September 2011 - Superfund Sites Update
August 2010 - Superfund Site Update
January 2009 - Superfund Site Update
July 2008 - Superfund Site Update
July 2007 - Superfund Site Update

LCP Chemicals Superfund Site

August 2016 - Consent Decree and Statement of Work for LCP Chemicals Site Marsh
     - GEC Comments on the LCP Marsh Consent Decree - September 6, 2016
November 2015 - Record of Decision and Response to Comments of the LCP Marsh
November 2014- Estuary Proposed Plan Overview  
EPA Proposed Plan, November 2014 -  Summary  or  Full Report
     - PCBs in People: LCP Connection with Sapelo Isl. Residents - September 3, 2014
     - How PCBs Hurt People
     - How Our Kids IQ are Hurt (Mercury, PCBs, and others)
     - Site Boundaries Correct? - February 2015
     - Using New Cleanup Methods - February 2015
     - Fish Consumption - February 2015
     - Comments on the Proposed Plan - March 2015:    Technical Adviser   and   GEC
     - Estuary: Proposed Plan Bulletin - January 2015
     - Proposed Plan Overview - December 2014

September 2014 - CO2 Groundwater Treatment Results
      - Does CO2 Treatment Form New Chemicals?  Dr. deFur Response - October 2014
August 2013 - Estuary and Upland Cleanup and Containment Options
      - National Remedy Review Board Response - March 2014
      - Estuary Comments to the EPA - November 2013
      - Estuary Comments to the EPA - March 2013
      - Upland Comments to the EPA - July 2013
June 2013 - Treatment of Groundwater with CO2 Proposed
May 2013 - LCP CO2 Sparging Groundwater treatment Comments
January 2013 - Risks to Humans and Wildlife - LCP Chemicals Superfund Site
September 2010 - Overview of the Public Health Assessment
August 2010 - LCP Chemicals Site Risk Assessments and Brine Pool

July 2009 - LCP Chemicals Site Brine Pool and Uplands Update
July 2009 - Questions & Answers - Health Risks and Brine Pool

July 2009 - Superfund Site Update, LCP Chemicals Superfund Site
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Brunswick Wood Preserving Superfund Site

January 2016 - EPA Releases the Explanation of Significant Difference Report for the Brunswick Wood Preserving Site
Health Consultation - Burnett Creek Seafood - August 2014

October 2013 - Contaminated Groundwater Spreads
     - Comments to the EPA - October 2013
     - Comments to EPA - September 2014
     - Comments - Site 5-Year Review - November 2012

     - Comments - Record of Decision for Burnett Creek - November 2012
     - Comments - Ecological Risk Assessment - November 2012
GEC Objection to the Record of Decision for Burnett Creek - October 2012
GEC Comments- Proposed Plan for Burnett Creek - September 2012
September 2012 - Groundwater and Burnett Creek Cleanup
February 2010 - Upland Remedy: Review of Work to Date
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Terry Creek Dredge Spoil Areas/Hercules Outfall Site

     - Complaint to the EPA Office of Inspector General - August 2, 2016
July 2015 – Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Proposed Plan Review
     - Comments on the Proposed Plan: September 2015   Technical Adviser and   GEC
June 24, 2015 - Terry Creek Outfall Ditch Proposed Plan Released by EPA
March 2014 - Terry Creek Investigation & Cleanup Options
      - Comments to EPA - March 2014
May 2013 - Terry Creek Site Investigation
May 2013 - Terry Creek Comments
Questions & Answers - Human Health Risks - July 2009
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Hercules 009 Landfill Superfund Site

Altama Elementary School - More Factual and Scientific Inaccuracies from the EPA - EPA Refuses to Test School, February 2008
EPA's January 29, 2008, Presentation and GEC Comments
More articles here

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